Am I still a candidate for oral appliance therapy if I have a latex allergy?

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Oral appliance therapy can help patients overcome a sleep disorder to get a much-needed good night’s rest.

An oral surgeon designs such an appliance to position the jaw in a way that minimizes the possibility of apneic episodes in which the patient stops breathing periodically during sleep.

Sleep apnea occurs when the soft tissues near the back of the throat slip over the larynx opening at night. Oral appliances hold the jaw forward or the tongue down to reduce the likelihood of that obstruction.

Oral appliances are made of plastic materials for maximum patient comfort. These devices generally are made of acrylic or vinyl, so patients with latex allergies still can benefit from oral appliance therapy. If you have any possible allergies to the appliance, discuss this with your oral surgeon in advance to ensure that your appliance will not cause any problems for you.

The appliance is custom-designed to achieve the best possible treatment outcomes for the patient. Because it fits the patient’s unique mouth structure, the appliance will effectively hold the jaw or tongue in the desired position.

Patients who have a sleep disorder often find that the consequences go beyond daytime drowsiness. Sleep apnea can cause physical symptoms like persistent morning headaches or sore throats. The condition also appears to have a link with high blood pressure and stroke, and it can even raise the patient’s risk of sudden death.

Therefore, pursuing oral appliance therapy can give patients considerable health benefits in addition to improving the quality of the patient’s sleep and improve overall functioning.

An oral appliance is a conservative measure that can give patients relief from a sleep disorder like sleep apnea, and the appliance is made of materials that most patients can tolerate. A latex allergy does not disqualify a patient from oral appliance therapy. Patients should discuss any concerns about possible oral appliance allergies with their oral surgeon during the treatment planning process.

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