What is Green Health Care?

How Are We Green?

ORA® Oral Surgery, Sleep Disorder & Implant Studio is an industry leader in the delivery of Green Healthcare. We pride ourselves with being the first and only oral surgery practice in the country to not only construct our facility from the ground up as a sustainable, green project, but to also comprehensively practice green healthcare. This surgical office reflects a sincere commitment to the well-being of patients, staff, and the environment. Through diligent planning we have designed a high performance green facility that is a healthy, productive place to work; less costly to operate and maintain; and reduces our environmental footprint. ORA® Oral Surgery, Sleep Disorder & Implant Studio is also the only oral surgery practice in the nation powered entirely by sustainable, green wind energy, making our facility actually carbon negative!

We are proud members of the Eco Dentistry Association and the United States Green Building Council and the construction of our facility strictly followed LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards. We are also committed official Endorsers of the GGHC (Green Guide for Health Care) as well as Energy Star Partners with the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

In addition, our practice strongly believes in official, certified offsetting of our residual carbon footprint by annually contributing to reforestation campaigns, energy efficiency programs, and renewable natural energy sources.

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What Is Green Health Care?

ORA® Oral Surgery, Sleep Disorder & Implant Studio strives toward a new model of healthcare based on the understanding that human and environmental health are inextricably linked. In this model, health professionals serve as environmental educators, advocates and stewards. This model is called “Green Healthcare” which takes us beyond the Hippocratic oath, calling upon all health professionals to “do more good.” By focusing more on prevention, precaution, education, and wellness—we can significantly contribute to improving the health of our patients, community, and the environment.

In Green Healthcare, toxic-free buildings, literacy around local environmental health issues, and the use of safe, effective, precaution-based medicine are all intrinsic parts of a new system of healthcare that is good for people and the environment. Implementing Green Healthcare practices also prepares health professionals to become leaders in the emerging discipline of Sustainable Medicine. Sustainable medicine recognizes the link between the environment, medicine and human health and seeks to provide better healthcare while protecting our limited environmental and medical resources.

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