iPhone Apps to Test Snoring/Sleeping


Snoring is not a joke and it could be a sign of a much more serious disorder. Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a life threatening condition that is undiagnosed in tens of millions of Americans.

The Sleep Group Solutions FREE Mobile Sleep Test is an application designed to screen and identify risk factors for this disorder. Results are sent to a trained sleep professional in your area who may contact you for further evaluation.

The “mSleepTest” is part of the 1800 Sleep Lab (www.1800sleeplab.com) program and is supported by most sleep association and Sleep physicians.

Simply enter the app, record 60 seconds of your sleep (ask a friend/spouse to assist) and then fill the short forms which will help us help you. Then just send it to us and we will deliver the info to a trained sleep professional in your area.

Sleep Assess

The ResMed Sleep App offers:

* A clinically validated screening tool that assesses your risk for sleep apnea. After answering 9 simple questions, you will be able to see your risk level.

* The ability to share your results or the app with friends and family who may also benefit from learning more about the importance of healthy sleep. The app provides instant links to Facebook, Twitter and email.

* A sleep lab locator that finds your closest ResMed-friendly sleep clinics. ResMed wants to help connect you to local sleep professionals who will help you get the best possible treatment for any sleep disorders you might have.

* A sleep recorder that uses your Apple device’s microphone to record your sleep and hear for yourself what your sleep sounds like. Do you really snore? How loudly? Does it sound like you have sleep apnea?

* Sample sleep sounds to compare with your own sound recording. Find out how your sleep sounds compare to those of confirmed sleep apnea sufferers.

* Information on the treatment options available if you are diagnosed with a sleep disorder. With ResMed’s quality products, getting the treatment you need can fit easily with your lifestyle.

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