Will dental insurance cover my sleep apnea appliance?

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Severe snoring may indicate sleep apnea, a serious health condition that may warrant treatment by an oral surgeon in order for the patient to get relief from symptoms like morning headaches and daytime drowsiness.

This condition, in which the soft tissues at the back of the throat can collapse and cover up the opening to the airway during sleep, can be linked to a variety of diseases like high blood pressure and stroke. To reduce their risk of such outcomes, many patients choose to wear a sleep apnea appliance.

The sleep apnea appliance is custom-designed to re-position the tongue or the jaw to prevent the soft tissues from relaxing atop the airway. Many patients find that their symptoms improve when they wear such an appliance.

The process of getting an appliance requires an initial evaluation in which the oral surgeon gathers the data needed to determine the appliance’s design. After the appliance has been crafted, the patient returns to the office to be fitted with the device.

Many patients hope to rely on their medical insurance to cover the costs of a treatment like a sleep apnea appliance, especially given the potential health consequences of sleep apnea. Different insurance plans offer different levels of coverage, and a sleep apnea appliance may be covered under your plan and if your deductibles for the year have been met.

However, because of the varying coverage levels, our office requests complete payment for the appliance before it is made and you are fitted with it. We will then submit the claim to insurance, and if there is insurance coverage, we will reimburse you for that initial payment.

A sleep apnea appliance may be covered by your insurance, but if it is not, our practice may be able to give you information on financing options if you cannot afford the entire upfront cost of the appliance. Discuss any concerns about the cost of the appliance with your oral surgeon at your initial evaluation.

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